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Version History

  • Added Lithuanian translation
  • The sidebar now contains dynamically generated drawings of all configured gestures to help you with learning. Via a context menu, you have direct access to the extension's settings and web pages.
  • Completely new system for bookmark gestures - you are no longer limited to bookmarks with keywords, and can also choose whether to open the bookmark in the current tab/window, a new tab or window, or the sidebar.
  • When going back or forward with a rocker gesture, you can hold the first mouse button and click the second button multiple times (applies to Windows only). Previously, you had to release both buttons first.
  • Mouse trails are now drawn natively on Windows, which greatly improves performance and avoids interfering with gesture recognition.
  • The extension now provides a printable list of gestures.
  • Added Dutch and Slovak translations.
  • Fix for an error in the shutdown function.
  • Some bugfixes for Firefox/Thunderbird 1.5 Beta 1 builds
  • Some bugfixes for post-1.0 Firefox builds (e.g. Deer Park Alpha)
  • Added a "Close Tab" function that won't close one-tab-windows (like "Close Document" does)
  • "Paste from clipboard" gesture (39) no longer overridden by "Validate this document" (existing installs will keep the "Validate" mapping until you delete it, though)
  • No longer breaks Firefox's "Add Keyword for this search" function (Linux)
  • Two additional languages: Catalan and Greek push the total number of localizations to eleven.
  • Fully customizable gestures: Mappings editor allows user to freely map any gesture to any function, either built-in, bookmark keyword, or custom JavaScript.
  • Wheel Rockers: In addition to regular drawn gestures, you can map any function to mouse button + mouse wheel combinations.
  • Gesture Sharing: Instantly import other people's gestures by clicking special links on web pages, or publish your own.
  • Improved Sidebar: Allows changing the sort order via a context menu, and provides a history of gestures you made recently plus shortcuts to the mapping editor.
  • Six additional languages: Czech, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Spanish join the existing English, French and German translations.
  • Countless improvements: Several other improvements, new gesture functions and bug fixes.
  • Bugfix: This release fixes 0.3.5's problem with Mozilla 1.4, were gestures didn't work in Navigator. No new features were added.
  • Gestures for Mail & Newsgroups: Next and previous message (R and L), reply (DUR), delete message (DRU), new message (D) plus window manipulation (maximize/restore, minimize and close) analogue to the browser window.
  • Rocker Gestures: Hold down right mouse button, then click left to go back one page (or previous message in mail), and vice-versa to go forward.
  • Mouse trails: Optionally, you can enable a trail to see the gesture while you draw it. Be careful though, this might cause performance problems.
  • Phoenix compatibility: A separate phoenix package is no longer needed. Additionally, the bookmark gesture was fixed.
  • To ease text selection while using left mouse button for gestures, you can set a timeout for the L and R moves. The gesture is cancelled automatically and you can continue to select text.
  • "Live" recognition of diagonals, making diagonal moves possible in the middle of normal gestures. New aliases for meta info (Up, DownRight, UpRight, Down - like a capital M) and cookies (Left, DownLeft, Down, DownRight, Right - just draw a half-circle to the left).
  • Text zoom gestures: While over text, do DownRight for Zoom In, UpLeft for Zoom Out or DownLeft for Reset Zoom. (These moves are shared by the Image-Gestures.) Aliases: Zoom In (DownRight, DownLeft), Zoom out (DownLeft, DownRight), Reset Zoom: Zigzag- down (DownLeft, DownRight, DownLeft or DownRight, DownLeft, DownRight). Just try them, they're easier than it sounds :-)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Scrolling gestures now work inside framesets.
    • Gestures are now aborted instantly after the without-move-timeout is reached, not after releasing mouse button.
    • "Open in new window" and "Duplicate window" now work properly.
  • Shipped with complete French and German localization
  • Gesture legend sidebar, installable via the preferences panel. It knows what gestures you use, and orders the gesture legend from least to most used. Tabification Update: New Tab (DULR) -> U, Next Tab (DUR) -> UR, Prev Tab (DUL) -> UL, Restore/Maximize Window (UR) -> RU, Double Stack Windows (UL) -> RUDR. Snuck in before Mozilla 1.0 on 06.04.02.
0.3.3 Requires Mozilla 0.9.9+ (or 1.0RC1). Sending referrer correctly on newly opened or duplicated windows/tabs. View source, uses cashed page version and opens current frame instead of frameset. Mozgest is now localizable. Context menu bug fixed.
0.3.2 Gesture configuration is now done in gestimp.js. For details see technote on customizing mozgest. The adventurous are welcome to give it a try. The 'new window slowdown' issue has been eliminated. Better gesture trigger with blocks for starting gestures on textareas, input elements, and scrollbars. Diagonal recognition added. Diagonal gestures have to be drawn a bit bigger then normal rectangular gestures. 'Circle the page' gesture for adding a bookmark was removed due to interference with Open links in new tabs gesture. To bookmark a page draw lovercase b (DRDLU).
New gestures:
  • Scroll the page with RU for up, and RUD for down.
  • Minimize (DL), maximize and restore (both UL - depends on window state) now work with Mozilla 9.8+.
  • Validate a document with a diagonal V gesture, starting at the upper left.
  • Diagonal stroke down-right over an image doubles its size, and UL halves its size. DL hides the image (good for annoying blinking banners).
0.3.1 Added Uninstall feature. Corrected issues with change of some interfaces between mozilla 0.9.5 and 0.9.6.
0.3 Toolbar removed. Move to preferences panel. You can configure Mozgest under Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Mouse Gestures. New Gesture: Add bookmark (Down-Right-Up-Left), mnemonic - circle the interesting page.
0.2.7 More bugs squashed. Architectural expansion (gestures.js added). Two new gestures: Up over link - Open Link in New Tab; Drag over links plus finishing move Right-Up-Left - Open Links in New Tabs
0.2.6 Bug fix release.
0.2.5 Reassigned tab gestures to be more compact. Errant wackiness bugs corrected.
0.2.4 Pavol completely overhauled configuration storage, providing a hide resistant implementation fixing bug 512. New gestures bring improved tab support: using the tab enabler, down-up-left, go down for next and up for previous tabs.
0.2.3 Efficiency improvements and a host of bug fixes. A new gesture will duplicate the current window in a tab (Down-Up-Left). Two major known issues: (1) Hiding the toolbar from the view menu will disable gestures. If you wish to use them, you'll have to keep the toolbar open or collapsed but not hidden. This is top priority for the next release, where we'll be using Mozilla's preference system to store configuration (bug 512). (2) Install issues on some linux versions (see bug 553 and offer your insights if you experience this).
0.2.2 Gesture recognizer gets compacted, major speed boost. Thanks Tim Williamson. New window gesture bug 543 fixed. Debug panel integrated, alerts removed.
0.2.1 A confirmation dialog was removed from the drag over links to get multiple link spawn and replaced with a finishing move, use finishing move left-up). Install.js patch from Pez incoporated. (09.06.01)
0.2.0 Who let Pavol into CVS? He redesigned the UI and cleaned up the code.
0.1.4 3rd panel added to configuration - you can now tweak the tolerance settings. 4 drag over link gestures added. Made logo transparent PNG and added version stamp stack.(09/30/01)
0.1.3 Added support for frames. (09/29/01)
0.1.2 Added legend deck. Right mouse drag no longer triggers context menu. Added T gesture for new tab. (09/29/01)
0.1.1 Gestures are no longer initiated on input elements. Added "M" gesture to view meta tags. Added "h" gesture to go to home page. (09/28/01)
0.1.0 Added groupset XUL. Implemented view-source and reload with native mozilla functions. New window opens url based on home page setting. View cookies from Jesse@SquareFree. Updated contributors and liscensing.
0.0.9 Removed conflict with userAgent toolbar.
0.0.8 Blocked scroll bar actions from triggering gestures.
0.0.7 Faked maximize window. Need help to invoke real maximize from chrome javascript. (09/27/01)
0.0.6 Rewrote new page load function, inspired by the Links Toolbar.
0.0.5 Improved configuration control. Should now remain on or off according to preference. 1st release considered suitable for regular use (though it may still interfere with some DHTML, a weakness of the implementation).
0.0.4 Preference persistence.
0.0.3 Added "up in URL-space". Config fixes. (09/25/01)
0.0.2 Event Listeners installed on each new page load. Back, Forward implemented.
0.0.1 Toolbar installs. Configuration converted to XUL.

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