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Optimoz Tweaks

This extension consist of several modules, each of them optimizing a certain part of the Firefox's and Mozilla's user interface. The basic idea is always to enhance existing controls, and not introduce new ones.

Sidebar Autohide

Whenever you "touch" the left side of the content area with your mouse cursor (without hovering over the window border!) and stay there for a brief moment, the sidebar pops up. If you enter the content area again, the sidebar will disappear. You can configure both the sensitivity in pixels and the delay before the sidebar appears.

If you want the sidebar to stay open, either leave it by going up to the toolbar first, or click the sidebar's right border before entering the content area. The next time you leave the sidebar the normal way, it will disappear again.

You can also temporarily lock the sidebar by clicking the "hand" button. While it is locked that way, the sidebar will not automatically close - however, if you close it manually, it will still open automatically when you touch the left window border.

Auto-expand search bar

Especially with high display resolutions, Firefox's search bar is often too narrow for complex search queries. Instead of defining greater width via a userChrome.css hack, you can have Optimoz Tweaks automatically expand the search bar as you click in it, using a smooth animation. Once the cursor leaves the search bar, it will collapse again.

Smart middle-click on tabs

Usually, if you click on the active tab with the middle mouse button, the browser will switch to the tab on the right after closing the current one. In some cases, you might want to switch to the tab on the left. This module, once enabled, will select the tab on the left if you clicked on the left side of the active tab (the left third, to be precise), and otherwise retains the browser's normal behaviour.

Known issues

It is planned to fix most of these issues with future releases, but which and when depends on available developer time and complexity of the fix.

The optimoz project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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